Men In May.

Not forgetting the classic 2D animation approach, Critica was commissioned to come up with a set of graphics for our local Tv channel, Channel 5. Introducing the masculine figures in this month’s Men In May featured programs; we took to the different character portrayals of each of these men figures. Our graphics team went along with an indie-style approach, creating our very own 2d styled “Men in May” branding promo!


BBC Mothers’ Day!

In celebaration of Mothers’ Day, BBC and CRITICA created a series of show graphics, revolving around a special 3D lotus with a glass finish. Here’s wishing all Mothers an awesome day and year ahead!

Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

Recently completed for Mediacorp On air promotions for Michael Jackson’s This is it concert, a series of glitter themed promo trailers , endpages and lowerthirds and bugs were created.

China TVC. MTEE Designs are Alive!

Our choice in clothes say alot about who we are. In this TVC for the China market, designs come alive and emerge from the shirts as 3D characters, to join people, including Jay Chou, in a game. Commissioned by PhunkStudio, this project was completed in 2.5 weeks.

Channel U’s 10th Anniversary!

In celebration of their 10th Year Anniversary, Channel U commissioned a special set of fun promo graphics to add to their usual channel branding. Upon being hit across the pool table, the ball rolls down the ramp and launches into the air to reveal the announcement.

ESPN Golf Focus.

Together with ESPN Star Sports, we put together a short series of promos for one of their shows, Golf Focus. The quirky concepts feature how golfers would go the extra mile just for the game! CRITICA was involved in the production planning, including talent and prop sourcing and also the post production colour grading. The series was shot on Panasonic P2.

Toyota Prius & ESPN SportsCenter Spot.

A Toyota Spot was recently filmed for our clients at ESPN SportsCenter. CRITICA provided pre-production planning, video production and post production services. Shot on full HD, with sky replacement and color correction enhancement, the promo portrays the endurance of the Toyota Prius as equal to that of a marathon runner, as they compete throughout the day and night. Car mounts, chase car were utilised to get the shots.