Promax India 2011 Results.

Our project, done for ESPN Formula 1 ‘2010 Campaign’ bags a GOLD for BEST SPORTS CAMPAIGN category , and a SILVER for BEST LAUNCH CAMPAIGN category in the recently concluded Promax India 2011, bringing the project’s tally of wins to 4 awards so far. Special thanks to our ESPN client for the wonderful collaboration, and the Exec Producer for the opportunity to work together!


Starhub Racquet Channel ‘French Open 2011 – Battle of the Clay Nemesis.’

In preparation for the French Open 2011, we collaborated with Starhub to bring you this 3D promo of the battle between Nadal and his clay nemesis. 3D modeling, rigging and animation as well as heavy compositing was all done in-house, to create the main trailer, teasers, endpages and lowerthirds.

Hook N Sling.

Apart from the normal 3D graphics we’ve been seeing for awhile, Critica introduces the retro-chic catchy music in Hook & Sling’s latest music album. The typographic graphics for each layout portrayed a hip and exciting twist to the album; carefully planned and executed, it infuses smoothly together with the music, grabbing the attention of viewers at the peak of each song!

Men In May.

Not forgetting the classic 2D animation approach, Critica was commissioned to come up with a set of graphics for our local Tv channel, Channel 5. Introducing the masculine figures in this month’s Men In May featured programs; we took to the different character portrayals of each of these men figures. Our graphics team went along with an indie-style approach, creating our very own 2d styled “Men in May” branding promo!

BBC Mothers’ Day!

In celebaration of Mothers’ Day, BBC and CRITICA created a series of show graphics, revolving around a special 3D lotus with a glass finish. Here’s wishing all Mothers an awesome day and year ahead!

Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

Recently completed for Mediacorp On air promotions for Michael Jackson’s This is it concert, a series of glitter themed promo trailers , endpages and lowerthirds and bugs were created.

China TVC. MTEE Designs are Alive!

Our choice in clothes say alot about who we are. In this TVC for the China market, designs come alive and emerge from the shirts as 3D characters, to join people, including Jay Chou, in a game. Commissioned by PhunkStudio, this project was completed in 2.5 weeks.