CRITICA Formula 1 2011. Coming Soon.


ESPN 2011 – Hop on the rollercoaster ride!

Go on a rollercoaster ride with ESPN as they charge full speed ahead into the great sporting events of the year 2011! This 3D fantasy rollercoaster theme park was designed, animated and composited by CRITICA with a tight deadline. The speedy rollercoaster reveals the different sports categories and events in the year ahead, while creating thrill and excitement! Different versions were also made for the various regions, such as India, Malaysia, SEA etc.

MTV Featured Artist – Film and 3D!

CRITICA combines film and photoreal 3D graphics to create a set of show package for MTV’s Featured Artist. Footage of various fish and aquarium plants were first captured in HD, before adding on the 3D elements such as additional abstract plants, organic armour for the fish as well as the 3D living logo.  3D portions were animated to move to the beat of the music and sound design, composed by Blassik.

ESPN Toyota SportsCenter Promo.

The second promo shot for ESPN SportsCenter and Toyota portrays the endurance of the car by emphasising its petrol saving ability. Certain moving shots were achieved by rigging the Canon 5D onto the exterior of the car. Sky replacement compositing in post production was also done to achieve optimum colour and lighting.