Screen Invaders. ESPN moves to Singtel MIOTV.

This July, ESPN Star Sports Channels are moving to MIOTV and we were given the task to animate 3 idents. This particular ident was shot on 13 locations in 1 day with full HD and 3d elements were composited and matchmoved into the scene. CRITICA handled the production shoot duties, 3d modelling, design asethetics, animation, compositing and colour correction.


Presenters invades your living room. ESPN moves to MIOTV.

ESPN presenters are coming this July 1st to your living room.  Directed by Xavier Oon, a cast of 13 people were involved in the shoot. CRITICA handled all production duties which include casting, and HD shooting on 6 locations which included an outdoor forested area , a interior living room and a suburban landscape. CRITICA also did the post production and colour grading on 1920×1080.

Video Jigsaws. ESPN moves to MIOTV Ident.

Video jigsaws fly together to form 1st July, the date when ESPN Star Sports moves to MIOTV. CRITICA did the 3d modelling, animation and compositing for this CG ident.

MTV World Stage Contest Spot.

We recently wrapped up the animation & 3d for the MTV World Stage contest spot. With artwork from Phunkstudio, the CRITICA team constructed them into 3d objects and animated them in 3d space into a 30s contest spot thats currently playing on MTV Channels.

FIFA World Cup Promos, Part II.

CRITICA animated and composited the remaining 4 Country / Player idents for ESPN Channel for the FIFA World Cup. Here are some stills of the action.

Universal Flashpoint.

CRITICA designed & animated a Universal Flashpoint Promo for Universal Channel.

Law & Order Ident.

We did a Ident for Universal Channel’s new branding campaign, specifically for the show Law & Order. CRITICA did the production of the shoot, direction, post of the full HD Ident. Watch out for the rebranded Universal Channel when the new look is unveiled sometime in July.