Countdown to 2010.

Mediacorp Channel 5 is throwing a new year’s party and they came to us to do a promo campaign of the event. Try wearing 3d glasses and solving the Rubiks cube.


Solid Gold.

Like a tourbillion, this intricately designed mechanism powers Channel U! Shiny.

At Nevada desert.

Heres a teaser of the spot we are doing for SCIFI channel. Yes, barbed wire in the middle of nowhere. Very scifi.
 This shot of Nevada desert was taken by us during a USA trip.

The Host meets the Seeker.

Korean movie ‘The Host’ is showing on Mediacorp’s Channel U soon, and we did
the promo endpage and upper lefts for that. Seldom you see a monster helping you out to place the show logo.

The Legend of the Seeker Contest Spot was recently completed by us for the SCIFI Channel.

Hallmark Biggest Loser Asia.

We did the recent Biggest Loser Asia Teaser Campaign for Hallmark.