Bored in bikinis.

bored in bikinisbored2

We recently did a illustrative show package for a new show with a bunch of girls bored in bikinis, doing stunts.


Ross Kemp on Gangs.


A project we did for BBC Knowledge Channel. We modelled 3d bullets with projected gangsters’ faces giving gangland quotes,  and composited them into a live-action shoot.

Razer Logo Redux.

razer endtagWe just finished doing the improved version end logo for Razer to use in their product videos. We also did the sound editing, design & animation for the triple headed snake.

Nickelodeon Extravaganza.

NICK NOV 60s (0-00-43-01)
Recently wrapped this up for Nickelodeon Channel. Its their November Extravaganza, showcasing a bunch of new episodes and movies! Watch out for it.

Kalendarz Kucharski.

BBC Recipe Planner Pol Still

Currently doing a BBC Lifestyle project for the Polish markets. Google translator helps!

I.Saw gets Bronzed.

‘I.Saw’, a project we worked on with BBH, won a  Bronze for Spikes Asia 2009, under the Digital category. Our involvement was doing the post production and direction of the shoot.
Check out, a Asian Advertising Festival.

Matching machines.


Their preferred mode of transport. I like Star Wars…

– Xavier