Promax Asia 2011

Our projects for our clients, done for ESPN WIMBLEDON 2011 – “STARTS” bags 2 Golds for Best Sports Promo & Campaign category , and 1 Gold for MTV Featured Artist for Best Original Logo Design category in the recently concluded Promax Asia 2011. MTV Featured Artist also wins 2 Silvers for Best Programme Title Sequence and Best Animation. Special thanks to our ESPN & MTV clients for commissioning us the projects and the creative collaboration. Other mentions include a Gold for Funniest Spot done for MTV Asia ‘April’s Fool’ commissioned via PhunkStudio.


CRITICA does Olympics.


Wimbledon 2011.

Promax India 2011 Results.

Our project, done for ESPN Formula 1 ‘2010 Campaign’ bags a GOLD for BEST SPORTS CAMPAIGN category , and a SILVER for BEST LAUNCH CAMPAIGN category in the recently concluded Promax India 2011, bringing the project’s tally of wins to 4 awards so far. Special thanks to our ESPN client for the wonderful collaboration, and the Exec Producer for the opportunity to work together!

Starhub Racquet Channel ‘French Open 2011 – Battle of the Clay Nemesis.’

In preparation for the French Open 2011, we collaborated with Starhub to bring you this 3D promo of the battle between Nadal and his clay nemesis. 3D modeling, rigging and animation as well as heavy compositing was all done in-house, to create the main trailer, teasers, endpages and lowerthirds.

Hook N Sling.

Apart from the normal 3D graphics we’ve been seeing for awhile, Critica introduces the retro-chic catchy music in Hook & Sling’s latest music album. The typographic graphics for each layout portrayed a hip and exciting twist to the album; carefully planned and executed, it infuses smoothly together with the music, grabbing the attention of viewers at the peak of each song!